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Meet Derry Green — the creator and visionary behind The Secret Garden Glamping — the UK's most booked, most wished-listed, and most viewed glamping site with a 2+ year waiting list.

Derry has always loved the outdoors – growing up, he and his family were avid campers. Some of his childhood memories involved playing in the woods with his brother and sitting around the campfire telling stories.

When Covid hit, Derry and his children were, like most of us, stuck inside a lot.  On one particular day when his kids were going a bit stir crazy, Derry asked if they wanted to camp in their garden. His kids were ecstatic and he began building them a fort.

And while he didn’t know it at the time, building this fort would give him an idea that would change the course of his life forever.  You see Derry and his kids loved the experience so much that they decided to build an experiential glamping stay for the whole world to enjoy.

Tune in to hear Derry and I discuss:

  • How he landed on Dragon’s Den (the UK’s version of Shark Tank) to pitch his idea
  • How he’s leveraged influencers and creator partnerships to amass a 2+ year waitlist with thousands of booking requests every week
  • Why he’s bullish on building an experience that prioritizes outdoor amenities rather than obsessing over the unit design
  • What he’s learned about leveraging content and social media to build a brand
  • How he’s thinking about franchising his brand to expand internationally
  • And so much more

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